The Science Behind the CMI

The Changemaker Index™ is an innovative tool that enables individuals to evaluate their core competencies as changemakers, giving them the necessary guidance to enhance their abilities in driving social and environmental change.

The tool's framework was created through a meticulous process that included a literature review, identification of 16 subdimensions of Ashoka's four Changemaking Skills, and careful selection of validated scales and constructs. The research team selected the final set of 30 statements that are shared in the assessment based on high factor loadings and strong predictors of the model. With this tool, individuals can identify areas for improvement and receive valuable resources to further develop their skills.

Changemaking skills are essential 21st-century skills because they enable individuals and organizations to create positive social and environmental impact in the world. In today's interconnected and complex world, social and environmental problems are increasingly urgent and complex. Changemaking skills allow individuals and organizations to tackle these problems by developing innovative solutions, collaborating with others, and leveraging technology and data to make a measurable difference.

For individuals, developing changemaking skills such as empathy, teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership can enhance their employability, increase their sense of purpose and fulfillment, and enable them to be effective agents of positive change in their communities and society at large.

For organizations, incorporating changemaking skills into their culture and operations can lead to increased innovation, productivity, employee engagement, and stakeholder trust. By aligning their mission, values, and strategies with positive social and environmental outcomes, companies, educational institutions, non-profits, and venture capitalists can create shared value and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.

Overall, changemaking skills are crucial for addressing the pressing challenges of our time, creating meaningful impact, and building a more just and prosperous world for all.