Do You Have a Changemaker Mindset?

The Ashoka Changemaker Index™ is a self-assessment tool that will determine where you are on your Changemaker Journey and help you understand and improve your Changemaker Skills.

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With the Changemaker Index™, you can:


Know Your Changemaking Skills

Take a 10-min quiz to assess your strengths in various Changemaker Skills.


Access Learning Resources Customized for YOU

Wherever you are on your journey, we have resources to help you grow.


Connect With Other Changemakers

Discover ways to engage with our diverse community of changemakers.

The Changemaker Index™ is for



Understand your changemaking skills, uncover where you are on your changemaker journey, and access resources to accomplish your changemaking goals. Understanding changemaker density rate helps you decide where to work, learn and live.

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Citizen Sector Organizations​

Gain insights into program effectiveness and define the changemaker density of your organization to attract staff participants, volunteers, and donors with strong changemaking values. Measuring changemaker density rate enhances understanding of organizational capacity for creativity and resilience.


Higher Education Institutions

Empower your students, faculty, and staff with evidence-based changemaking resources designed specifically to help your institution succeed. Measure the changemaker density of your school or campus to build a culture of changemaking within the institution, attract and retain the right students, and capture the full value of your institution’s social impact.


Corporate Teams & Managers​

Foster an organizational culture of changemaking by measuring your changemaker density to improve employee engagement and productivity, attract talent, enhance brand reputation, augment ESG, drive innovation, anticipate and better adapt to market shifts.

Why Use the Ashoka CMI?

Free and Reliable

The Changemaker Index™ is a tool that is available for free to individuals who are interested in learning more about their changemaking journey and who want to reliably assess their changemaking strengths.

Statistically Valid

The CMI Product Team has conducted necessary statistical tests on earlier versions to ensure the Changemaker Index™ is valid and reliable. We’re in the process of carrying out tests for this latest version of the tool.

Tested in Multiple Countries

We’ve tested the Changemaker Index™ in several countries where English is commonly spoken or understood including the UK, USA, India, Sweden, Kenya, and Bangladesh.

Designed by ASHOKA

The Changemaker Index™ draws from rich insights and learnings gathered from over 40 years of experience working with the world’s best social entrepreneurs.