How We Help

The Changemaker Index™ (CMI) supports post-secondary institutions in developing the next generation of leaders with the skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Student Success

Tailor Student Development

Track and enhance the evolution of changemaking skills in students, from enrollment to graduation, preparing them to be proactive leaders of change. You can integrate CMI insights into personal development plans for a future-ready workforce.


Attract Changemakers

Identify and attract prospective students who not only excel academically but also embody the changemaking spirit that defines your institution's mission.

Alumni Relations

Engage Alumni Changemakers

Foster lifelong connections by engaging alumni in initiatives that resonate with their changemaking journey during and after their time at your institution.

Strengthen Communities

Strengthen Community Ties

Leverage CMI insights to design community programs that elevate local changemaking activities, amplifying your institution's societal impact.


Inspire Through Teaching

Empower educators to integrate changemaking into their curriculum, inspiring students to apply their academic learning to real-world challenges.

Changemaking Resources for Educators

Explore articles, videos, podcasts, courses and more on how educators can develop changemaking skills in the classroom. 


Time for Change: Tools to Help You Foster Changemaking

First Book's Time for Change: Tools to Help You Foster Changemaking helps teachers understand what changemaking looks like in practice, value changemaking as part of their teaching, and fit changemaking into the US Common Core standards. This resource page also provides practical ways to develop and support changemakers in the classroom. 


A Guide to Inspiring Young Changemakers

This guide is organized around stories of teachers and young changemakers from diverse communities that reflect the economic and social challenges experienced by educators and students across the US. This series of videos is titled “Changemakers Like Me”. The guide contains lesson plans and prompts for discussing and using the written and video versions of the stories in the classroom.


The Four Key Changemaking Abilities

This resource is designed to help educators to understand the four key changemaking abilities with short lessons to bring them into the classroom.


Changemakers 12: Room to Read

This Collection of 12 E-books profiles the amazing work of local "change agents," primarily women and youth, who are inspiring positive change in their communities. These titles align with Room to Read’s commitment to strengthening gender sensitive, inclusive and environmentally sustainable practices. The titles were developed with local authors and illustrators in Indonesia in collaboration with the Ashoka Indonesia office.

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Our Education Partners

We collaborate with leading educational institutions worldwide to foster an environment where education and changemaking intersect. These esteemed institutions are committed to nurturing the next generation of changemakers by integrating our frameworks and resources into their curricula. Together, we aim to empower students and educators to drive meaningful social and environmental change. 


Partner with Ashoka to Activate Changemakers at Your Institution

We are here to support your changemaking journey. Whether you have questions, need more information, or want to schedule a demo, fill out the contact form below. We look forward to connecting with you!