We are the people who make up the Changemaker Index™ team

Our team is committed to helping you discover and develop your changemaking potential. With insights from over 40 years of working with changemakers worldwide, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to support your journey. Whether through our innovative Changemaker Index™, tailored resources, or personalized support, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Product Manager - Global Impact & Evidence Team

Shai Basys is passionate about using technology to empower the social sector. She has developed CRM and data analytic products for the federal government and international organizations like the United Nations. She is a former U.S. diplomat, who worked on human rights and environmental sustainability issues in Lithuania, India, Indonesia, and a portfolio of countries in the Arabian Peninsula. She has a bachelor’s degree in international politics from Georgetown University and a master’s degree in public policy from Duke University.

President Emerita, Leadership Team, Global Impact at Ashoka

Diana joined Ashoka after graduating from Brown University in 1988 with a degree in South Asian Studies. As an undergraduate, her year-long study abroad in Varanasi, India led her to see the need for local solutions to solve global problems. This insight inspired her to pursue an internship at Ashoka, where she created one of its core programs, Fellowship Support Services, (now Fellowship) which expanded the resources available to Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs to connect them to one another. When Diana took a leave to pursue a Ph.D. in anthropology from New York University (2000), she was named both a Fulbright and Woodrow Wilson scholar. Her ethnographic research on understanding how social change happens as a local articulation of a global social movement resulted in her dissertation: 'Between the Difference: The Emergence of a Cross Ethnic Women’s Movement in Trinidad and Tobago.'

Product Lead

Dian graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Indonesia, where she developed a deep environmental consciousness and a love for nature. Actively engaged in student activism, she led grassroots education initiatives in rural areas and participated in various sustainable development projects, fostering her empathy and passion for social entrepreneurship. In 2022, Dian joined Ashoka as a Venture and Fellowship intern, where she embraced the "Everyone a Changemaker" (EACH) movement and found a sense of belonging. After completing her degree, she returned to Ashoka as a Metro Activation Associate, dedicated to activating four priority metro areas in Indonesia. 

Product Lead

Constanza is an agricultural engineer. Convinced that her purpose was to create tools and spaces that could help everyone unleash their full potential, she decided to bring her expertise to a local school in Chile. In 2021 she joined Ashoka and joined her experience in educational projects with her interest in creating spaces where youth could understand and develop their potential. Currently she is a Partnership Management Consultant at Ashoka Chile, where she oversees projects that involve youth in Chile and promotes businesses alliances that help to move towards a world of Changemakers.

Product Lead

After completing a bachelors in Anthropology and a masters in Peace and Development Studies, Joanna worked in the humanitarian sector. Joanna was a leader of the NGO Forum "Together" where CSOs from Poland and Ukraine, support organizations for people on the move. With an unyielding passion for knowledge sharing and management, she co-creates solutions to bring different sectors of social, academic and business activities together for collaborative initiatives. She is currently the Partnership Manager at Ashoka in Poland and the Knowledge Impact Manager on the Hello World team.   

Product Lead

Rina Kusuma is a facilitator, mentor, and certified coach. She has more than 20 years of experience working in various environmental NGOs in Indonesia such as WALHI, KEHATI Foundation, and EcoNusa Foundation. Her work is mostly on children, youth, and environmental education programs. Rina holds a master's degree at Brunel University London for MA. Children, Youth, and International Development supported by the Chevening scholarship from the UK government. Since June 2022 she joined Ashoka Indonesia as Family Changemaking Manager to promote ‘Everyone A Changemaker’ movement in Indonesia through family ecosystem.  

Partnerships Impact Analyst at Ashoka

Alyssa has spent the past decade using research to improve the social sector. Before joining the Impact & Evidence Team at Ashoka, Alyssa worked on research teams at the Duckworth Lab at the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton Social Impact Initiative. Most recently, Alyssa has served as an evaluator at ImpactED, an impact-evaluation center serving nonprofits and government agencies, housed within the University of Pennsylvania. At Ashoka, Alyssa is a member of the Impact & Evidence team. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to use data to advance Ashoka’s Everyone a Changemaker vision. Regarding the Changemaker Index™, Alyssa is responsible for leading the continuous improvement of this measurement tool and conducting analyses for teams interested in understanding their changemaker abilities.

Product Lead

David is a Poblano-Yucatecan who holds a master's degree in Educational Innovation and is currently pursuing a second master's degree in Educational Entrepreneurship. He was a finalist in the 2023 Global Leadership Challenge at the University of Oxford. Currently, He is a university professor specializing in Art History, Semiotics, Linguistics, and Hispanic Culture. Additionally, he designs, instructs, and evaluates projects aimed at eradicating gender violence at Universidad Modelo. David serves as an ambassador for Yucatán to the United Nations in Mexico and the Executive Secretariat of the National Council for the 2030 Agenda.   

Lead Developer 

Madhavi is a dedicated IT professional with a passion for creating websites that enhance users' lives. With seven years of experience in the information technology sector, she has honed her skills in web development and team management. As a consultant at Ashoka, Madhavi leads a team of developers, overseeing the development and maintenance of Ashoka's web properties, ensuring they meet high standards of functionality and user experience. 

Front End Developer

Hinal Modi is a Senior Front End Developer and Consultant at Ashoka. She has a wealth of experience in building user-friendly and visually appealing web interfaces. Skilled in modern technologies and frameworks, Hinal is dedicated to creating seamless digital experiences. Passionate about technology and social impact, she works to develop solutions that empower and inspire. 

Product Lead

Mariana Nakajuni is the coordinator of the Youth Communication Agency at Ashoka Brazil. A journalism graduate from Faculdade Cásper Líbero, she co-led Coletivo CasperÁsia, a group that unites students of Asian descent in a safe space for debate and reflection. This collective also fosters collaborations with other groups at the institution, engaging in intersectional dialogues. Mariana is a firm believer in the power of communication as a tool for paradigm shifts, actively contributing to the co-creation of narratives that highlight changemaking in practice and inspire individuals to harness their potential to drive positive change for the common good.

Lead UX/UI Designer

Mi is a seasoned UX/UI and Product designer with a rich 12-year journey dedicated to crafting impactful digital experiences, particularly for non-profit organizations. Her academic foundation includes a Master's degree in Business from the University of Sorbonne Panthéon Paris 1, where she first discovered her passion for design and product development. Combining this business acumen with a deep-seated love for user-centered design, she specializes in transforming intricate challenges into intuitive solutions. Her work is driven by a profound commitment to effecting positive change, manifested in designs that not only resonate with users but also empower non-profits to achieve their missions with efficiency and effectiveness. Her dedication to this field is rooted in the belief that thoughtful design can be a catalyst for meaningful societal impact. 

Digital Communications Strategist, Ashoka's Integrated Technology Initiative

Stephen Outlaw is an Institutional Strategist at Ashoka and a member of Ashoka's Integrated Technology Initiative (ITI). Stephen is a digital tool and platform evangelist - building strategies and sharing best practices for leveraging Ashoka's digital communications properties to maximize engagement with changemakers around the world. He has been working for social change for over two decades - collaborating with technologists, communications teams, and marketing experts to advance the goals of citizen sector/non-profit organizations.

Back End Developer

Ishani Patel is a Backend Developer and Consultant at Ashoka. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Gujarat Technological University and has five years of experience in the information technology sector. As a passionate software developer, she has a proven track record of delivering scalable and efficient projects on time. She excels both in team collaborations and independent work, effectively balancing multiple projects and communicating well with internal stakeholders and team members. She is recognized as a problem solver with strong logical and abstract reasoning abilities, attention to detail, excellent coding skills, and high technical aptitude.

Product Lead

André Portela has always been passionate about learning through play, so he became a game designer and specializes in how games, gamification and playfulness can be used in education. Currently, he is studying for a degree in Educommunication at the University of São Paulo. He has also  completed a professional course licensed by Adobe in Audiovisual Editing. André is the Social Media Manager of Ashoka Brazil, with the support of the Youth Communication Agency.