Step 1 - Take the Changemaker Index™ Assessment

During this 5-10 minute assessment, you'll read statements and choose which one best describes you.

The assessment measures your unique changemaking skill strengths and areas for improvement.


Step 2 - Get Your Personalized Changemaker Index™ Results

Finishing the assessment is just the beginning of your changemaking journey.

Your customized Changemaker Index™ report helps you identify actionable steps to develop a changemaker mindset, practice your changemaking skills, and inspire new changemakers.


Step 3 - Develop Changemaking in Your Organization

Now it's time to develop changemaking at the organizational level.

Organizational partners can:

1 - Access a customized dashboard to explore how teams perform

2 - Leverage resources and tools that will help you to develop changemaking skills in teams

3 - Receive customized consulting from Ashoka experts to transform into a Changemaker Institution.