What’s the Changemaker Resource Hub for?

The Changemaker Resource Hub is designed to support you at every step of your changemaking journey. Whether you’re looking to develop your personal skills, engage with your community, or drive systemic change, our curated resources will help you achieve your goals. Explore a wide range of tools, guides, and insights tailored to empower you and your organization to make a meaningful impact. Join a global network of changemakers and access the knowledge and support you need to create positive social and environmental change. 


Changemaking Focus Areas

Resources focused on enhancing personal growth, a changemaking mindset, and developing changemaking skills.

Strategies and resources for engaging with and impacting communities. 

Resources and guidance for driving systemic change, including policy advocacy, activism, and large-scale social movements. 

Tools and case studies for companies, educators, citizen sector leaders, and more. 

Looking for personalized resources based on your changemaking profile?

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