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The Changemaker Index™ (CMI) empowers all businesses to assess, develop, and celebrate changemaking skills, aligning team efforts with global impact.

Non-Profit Organizations

Enhance Your Team

HR teams can optimize talent development by identifying and filling skill gaps with targeted CMI-backed training programs, fostering a culture of proactive changemakers.


Lead with Purpose

CSR and DEIA leads can strengthen their initiatives by harnessing the CMI to identify and nurture internal changemakers, creating a ripple effect of positive change.


Amplify Your Impact

Sales champions can infuse their sales and marketing narratives with the spirit of changemaking, showcasing their company's commitment to societal impact through CMI insights.


Build a Sustainable Future

Sustainability teams can align their sustainability targets with employee development using the CMI to integrate personal growth with corporate sustainability missions.


Inspire Innovation

C-Suite leaders are shaping the future of business leadership with CMI data, innovating processes and strategies that embrace rapid change and foster a culture of changemaking

Changemaking Resources for Employers

Explore articles, videos, podcasts, courses and more on how educators can develop changemaking skills at your business. 

Invest Wisely

"Empathetic Leadership Helps Level the Playing Field"

Boston Consulting Group explores how empathetic leadership--leaders who approach their teams with a mindset of openness and growth-- can foster psychological safety, boost innovation and financial performance and build a fair, equitable and inclusive workplace.

Accelerate Impact

Empowering Leadership: Embracing Endogenous Dynamics

Published by the University of Warsaw, this article introduces the kind of leadership that fosters bottom-up dynamics, empowering people, groups, teams and societies.


How Changemaker Employees Will Accelerate Corporate Sustainability

Could it be that a density of changemakers leads to better sustainable outcomes or that companies with high sustainability attract more changemakers? Ashoka aims to explore this question in collaboration with companies and research partners.


Leaders’ portfolio: psycho-social mechanisms augmenting creativity

There is a consensus that creativity is one of the pivotal characteristics of a contemporary leader. There are however no publications indicating how the leader may augment own, as well as the team’s creativity. The article fills this gap, focusing on the type of creativity which is a long-lasting propensity – as opposed to one creative act usually considered in literature.

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Our Business Partners

We partner with forward-thinking businesses of all sizes to integrate changemaking into their business strategies. These innovative companies leverage our expertise and resources to foster a culture of social impact and sustainability within their organizations. By collaborating with us, they are committed to driving meaningful change, empowering their employees, and addressing global challenges through corporate responsibility initiatives. 




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