How We Help


Empower Your Mission

Non-profit organizations and other citizen sector institutions use the CMI to evaluate and amplify your team's ability to drive meaningful change, ensuring your mission's objectives are met with lasting impact.


Invest with Insight

Philanthropic entities like foundations and family offices utilize CMI insights to strategically guide grant-making and impact investments, fostering a culture of changemaking in the initiatives you support.


Enhance Your Programs

Community program managers embed the CMI within their community programs to monitor skill progression, refine strategies, and transparently showcase the growth in changemaking abilities.

Changemaking Resources for Citizen Sector Leaders

Explore articles, videos, podcasts, courses and more on how educators can develop changemaking skills for your cause. 


The Unlonely Planet

How are Ashoka Fellows engaging individuals as changemakers? What strategies do they use to build partnerships that inspire both changemakers and solutions? How are they changing systems to create a world in which everyone can contribute, and therefore, thrive? Ashoka presents its global study of systems-changing social entrepreneurs. This study presents the 11 strategies Ashoka Fellows use to build a world of changemakers.


Changemakers in Action: A Video Series

Changemakers from around the country share how they built sustainable solutions to problems in their communities. We hope these inspiring stories will encourage you along your own changemaking journey.


Self belief, positivity and collaboration: How to deliver systemic change

Why Waste has reached out to over 500,000 restaurants across India, prevented over 10 million liters of water from being wasted, and impacted over 6 million lives. The Why Waste App calculates an individual’s daily water footprint and helps save at least 100 liters of water every day.


It's What You Set In Motion: A Toolbox for Collaborative Changemaking

How-to resource for aspiring and practicing changemakers. All-in-one toolbox to build and enhance essential twenty-first century skill sets: empathy, adaptive leadership, collaborative problem-solving, teamwork, community engagement, innovation design, entrepreneurship, global competence.

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Our Citizen Sector Partners

We work alongside influential citizen sector organizations to amplify their impact on communities and society at large. These dedicated partners utilize our frameworks and tools to enhance their programs and initiatives, fostering a culture of changemaking within their organizations. Together, we strive to empower individuals and communities to create sustainable social and environmental change. 


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Partner with Ashoka to Activate Changemakers at Your Institution

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